Mock Interviews

You're Hired - Mock Interview Days

Each summer members of the Ely Cathedral Business Group network give up a morning from their schedule to deliver 1:1 mock interviews for students at Bishop Laney Sixth Form and Littleport and East Cambs Academy. Students learn first hand what they can expect from a formal interview situation. Interviewers are invited to offer advice on how to make a good impression, how not to perform in an interview, and on the sorts of qualities employers would be looking for in a candidate. The students are also offered guidance on writing CV and personal statements.

Aged 16-18, some of the students would have already experienced a ‘real life’ interview. This invaluable opportunity to practice and hone interview technique can only increase the students’ chance of success during an application process; helping them acquire the skillset required for the world of work.

Interviewers came from a variety of different fields and professions and are recruited from the Ely Cathedral Business Group and the Chamber of Commerce networks.

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