Cambridge Leadership Retreat 2019

Devoted Living: Work as Worship

Friday 5 - Sunday 7 April, Westminster College, Cambridge

Faith in Business' annual retreat provides a unique blend of talks, interviews, reflections, and a workshop, from accomplished business leaders. Attendees will address a range of global, corporate and personal issues from a context and perspective soaked in Christian faith, worship and prayer.

    Vision: to provide a top-quality leadership retreat that puts faith in business

    Purpose: to inspire and resource Christian business leaders for the sake of a better world

    Priorities: to listen, learn and grow in an informal, supportive and relational environment

    Values: respect, diversity, vulnerability, and the stimulation of innovative thought and action that both conserves and disrupts.

These distinctives are offered with two nights away from the pressures of ordinary life in beautiful and evocative surroundings that have been shaped by the work and worship and previous generations. Seldom do hard-working professionals get time, and a place like this, to unwind and re-charge amongst other motivated leaders and purpose-driven entrepreneurs.

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