How to be Good

To be a good doctor means more than just being good at medicine. Technical excellence is only part of any profession's definition of goodness. But how, in today's world, do you work out what goodness means in your profession? In conversation with Francis Spufford, an oncologist, a novelist, a soldier, an HR professional and a journalist explore the rules, the responsibilities, the potential and the pitfalls of their work. And in an open forum under the Octagon, facilitated by the Ely Cathedral Business Group, to conclude the series the speakers compare notes with a sixth guest from the world of finance.

Being a good person in most ways doesn't count for anything very much, if you're a bad person in one way.

- Nick Hornby, How to be Good

Thursdays at 6.45pm in the Drawing Room of The Bishop's House, Ely

Writer Francis Spufford talks with distinguished members of different professions about what 'good' looks like in their working lives, how they negotiate difficult ethical territory, and how their professional 'goodness' is informed, challenged, or at odds with the Christian tradition.

6 September: How to be Good - Medicine
13 September: How to be Good - Literature

Sarah Perry Bestselling author, The Essex Serpent (Waterstone's Book of the Year 2016. British Book Awards Fiction Book of the Year and Overall Book of the Year 2017)

20 September: How to be Good - People in Farming

Beverly Dixon Group HR Director at G's Fresh, and joint chair of the Ely Cathedral Business Group.

27 September: How to be Good - Journalism

Andrew Brown Journalist, writer and editor. Founding member of The Independent

4 October: How to be Good - The Army

Edward Wingfield Former infantry officer in the British Army, Senior Policy Adviser, DExEU

Tickets for the Bishop's House discussions are £12.50 and include a glass of wine and refreshments (very limited places) available here and from Ely Cathedral Box Office 01353 660349.

11 October - Ely Cathedral - 6.45pm - Free Entry

Ely Cathedral Business Group Autumn Discussion

• 6.45pm - Wine Reception
• 7.10pm - Welcome, and Introduction by Francis Spufford
• 7.30pm - Talk by Mike Bushore, CEO of Tyler Capital.

Discussion on the challenges of programming ethical responses into AI robots deployed in the futures market on the trading floor.
• 8pm - Q&A and Panel Discussion

ECBG are delighted to welcome speakers from the How to be Good series to join us for our annual Autumn Discussion and debate. They will be comparing notes, and bringing together the insights of all sessions in a wide-ranging debate, with Francis Spufford, Edward Wingfield, Andrew Brown, Beverly Dixon, and facilitated by Michael Watson.

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