Business Networking 23 May 2022

Ely Cathedral Business Group's business networking series at Ely's Poets House continues on Monday 23 May at 6pm.

We’re delighted to be joined by Ed Passmore, Tax Consultant at Lovewell Blake who will be discussing how Research and Development can maximise the relief to the benefit of your business.

Research and Development ('R&D') activity plays a key role in increasing productivity and promoting growth and there are a number of generous tax reliefs associated with R&D activity. These reliefs, and in some cases, cash payments, are key enablers to innovation focused businesses. This presentation will cover the type of projects that count as R&D, the reliefs available, the qualifying categories of expenditure and the R&D tax credit. These subjects will be interwoven with various examples detailing how R&D reliefs reward innovative businesses.

This event is free to attend, and all are welcome. A defining characteristic of Ely Cathedral Business Group is our commitment to make all events and services accessible for all, so that ability to pay is no barrier to participation. We are run by a voluntary committee and rely on the generosity of individuals and support from local businesses to meet our costs. Please consider making a donation when booking your place through our website or the Eventbrite page.