About Us

Throughout most of its 1,300 year history, since the establishment of the first monastery in the year 673, Ely Cathedral has been at the centre of local trade and community life.

Ely Cathedral Business Group is a voluntary initiative created by a number of Cambrigeshire based business people who believe that there is a strong correlation between the health of the business sector and the well-being of the communities in which those businesses operate. The purpose of ECBG is to explore this relationship and strengthen the correlation. We want to help businesses succeed and thereby make our communities stronger.

Business activity is a vital component of a balanced and flourishing human society. We rely on successful businesses for the production of all the goods and services on which our communities depend. Above and beyond wealth creation business can, and should, be a force for good. ECBG seeks to give business people the opportunity, indeed prompt them, to take a step back from the day to day pressures and excitement of business life, and take time to consider a broader agenda including: what we are doing, and why and how we are doing it?

Get together - be part of this unique fusion between Ely Cathedral and the Cambridgeshire business community.

Get thinking - identify common issues, be part of the debate, share experiences, help your business by helping others.

Get talking - get to know fellow businesses, promote a greater sense of co-operation and community. Work together to solve the problems which are affecting business and society.


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