Student Mentoring Scheme

Working in close partnership with Ely College, ECBG is establishing a local mentoring scheme for their sixth form (year 12 & 13) students.

This scheme provides these enthusiastic students the opportunity to engage with the local business community: tapping into the skills, advice, encouragement and inspiration of willing personal mentors. Mentors will offer practical advice on preparing a CV, making online job applications, succeeding at interview and sharing their personal experience surrounding their own career trajectory. We hope mentors will also be willing and able to arrange two brief work-based placements. Through this relationship mentors will help build self-confidence and provide their mentee with further leads, ideas and encouragement to help further their career ambitions.

The time commitment will only be an hour or two per month, at times arranged to suit you and your mentee outside College hours, plus invitations to attend assorted events held at the College. We hope you’re interested in becoming a mentor and sharing your skills and experience to support a local sixth-former. Your time will make a real difference.

Please send a brief email to Gordon Chesterman – with two or three lines outlining your own career, the sector you work in and present occupation.

Watch the short videos here.