Student Mentoring Scheme

Working in close partnership with Ely College and Form The Future, members of the ECBG network have established a local mentoring scheme for post-16 (year 12 & 13) students.

This scheme provides these enthusiastic students the opportunity to engage with the local business community: tapping into the skills, advice, encouragement and inspiration of willing personal mentors. Mentors offer practical advice on preparing a CV, making online job applications, succeeding at interview and sharing their personal experience surrounding their own career trajectory. We hope mentors will also be willing and able to arrange two brief work-based placements. Through this relationship mentors will help build self-confidence and provide their mentee with further leads, ideas and encouragement to help further their career ambitions.

You're Hired

In the summer of 2018, in collaboration with the Ely Cathedral Education department, two dozen members of the Business Group network gave up time from their schedules to deliver 1:1 mock interviews for students at Bishop Laney. The students learnt first hand from the experience what they could expect from a formal interview situation. Panelists offered advice on how to make a good impression, how not to perform in an interview, and on the sort of qualities employers would be looking for from their candidates. The students also participated in workshops on writing CV and personal statements.

Aged 16-18, some of the students would have already experienced a ‘real life’ interview. The opportunity of practicing and honing interview technique can only increase the chance of success during an application processes and in the working world.

Interviewers came from a variety of different fields and professions, and were recruited from the Cathedral Business Group and the Chamber of Commerce networks. If you would be interested in offering your time and expertise for future initiatives of this kind please contact info@elycathedralbusinessgroup.